Sailfin Vampire Swordtail LARGE Xiphophorus helleri.

pH – 7.

X15 Marigold Swordtail Fish - 1" - 2" Each - Freshwater Fish. http www.



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Fathead Minnows provide excellent forage for most game species, averaging just 1-3 inches in length at adulthood.

pH – 7. Assorted Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii) from $10. .

Swordtails are livebearing fish and will give birth to live young babies called Fry. 98.


Swordtail - Vampire.

Sailfin Vampire Swordtail LARGE Xiphophorus helleri. .

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Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) $ 9.
00 Add to cart; SWORDTAIL Green Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HF-M+1S-FM+1HF-F) / Shipping Included $ 55.
But the swordtails were spectacular!! We do not see swordtails like this.

Hi Fin Swordtails are a unique and uncommon variety of Swordtails.



Select Product. Tools AndyDavid Peynado · 1 week ago on Aquarist. In red or orange colors, they will add a graceful addition to your freshwater aquarium. . 25 inches.


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Assorted Mickey Mouse Swordtail (Lot of 6) Regular price 40.

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