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Unique baby girl names and their meanings.

. Expect to see more kids named Theodore and Cora in coming years. Bookworm.


Lolita. If you have been searching for nicknames for girls, then you will find this post useful. .

Tailfeather. Mon Cheri 15.


♡ Adri.

Bastet. Sunshine.

The Social Security Administration has released the 20 most popular baby names of last year, and similar to previous years, names like Liam, Olivia, Noah and Emma are at the top. .

Apr 17, 2023 · 13.


Little Miss — A cute girlfriend.

Hōseki: Jewel. Gidget. Ankle Biter – If your short friend is pretty annoying.

Name That Means Dream For Boys And Girls. Flo, Flora, Florrie, or Flossie (Florence) 4. Happiness. . Addy or Ada (Adelaide/Adeline/Addison) 2.


Squirrel. Tootsie.


May 16, 2023 · Read on to discover 75 uncommon girls' names and their meanings – perhaps you'll discover 'the one' for your bundle of joy.

Of Greek origin, this name means "lord" and can be pronounced either with a hard E like "kee-ruh" or a hard I like "k-eye-ruh.


Lilac - beautiful nickname that depicts ‘spring and renewal'.